Imagine you wake up one day, and decide that you want to adjust your nose or lift the sagging eyelids Michael fozo md. Doesn’t it sound simple? The truth is that not all plastic surgery specialists are the same. The difference between choosing an expert and a novice can be huge.

Here’s why working with an experienced pro is like hitting a jackpot.

Let’s first talk about experience. Expert surgeons have seen it all. The surgeons have seen everything, from routine cases to complex ones that would make the average person break out in cold sweat.

The vast experience they have means that they are less likely than others to make mistakes. They’re experienced and have the track record to back it up.

Artistry is also involved. Yes, you heard me right–artistry! Plastic surgeons aren’t only cutting and sewing; they also sculpt the face, like Michelangelo doing David. Years of practice and an aesthetic eye have given them a sense of symmetry and balance.

Wait, there’s even more! They also keep up with the latest technology and techniques. These experts are also up-to-date with the latest techniques and technologies.

It means that you will receive the most advanced care, which is both safe and efficient.

Let’s face it, for a minute. Surgery is a frightening experience. Anyone’s stomach will turn when they see anesthesia, scalpels and needles. A surgeon with experience knows how to make you feel at ease.

Bedside manner (pun intended) is their art. They’ll guide you through the process, answer any questions you have, and perhaps even crack some jokes.

I’ll tell you about Sarah, my friend who watched too many reality television shows and decided that she wanted to get her nose reshaped. She hired a cheap guy that she found on the internet. This was a big mistake. The end result was that she looked like she had hit a brick wall, instead of the cute button-nose she wanted.

Do not be like Sarah.

A customized care plan is also a huge plus (okay, “tailored”, but stay with me). Before making any recommendations, an expert will take into consideration your unique face structure, skin type and lifestyle habits.

Don’t forget safety protocols either! These professionals follow strict guidelines in order to minimize risk during surgery, as well as post-op recovery. This is vital because no one wants complications when they should be relaxing at home watching Netflix.

They use high quality materials for your procedures, whether they are implants, fillers or other items. You wouldn’t want inferior materials used in your body any more so than you would want them for home renovations.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the results speak for themselves! Facial plastic surgery, when performed by an expert who knows what they are doing inside and out (and even backwards), can produce stunningly natural results. It will leave others wondering if there was any work done or if your genes were to blame.

In summary folks: If you’re considering facial plastic surgery don’t skimp on quality just because someone offers lower prices or quicker appointments–it’s worth investing time (and yes money) into finding someone who really knows their craft inside-out-and-backwards-and-sideways-too!

Choose a professional who has the experience to help you achieve your goals.