Imagine you’re standing at the heart of your own home, in your kitchen. When you look around, you realize that something is lacking. Those old cupboards just aren’t cutting it any more. You know it’s time to make a change. But where should you start? Welcome to kitchen remodeling los angeles.

First, let’s discuss style. LA is an eclectic mix of cultures and fashions, so the variety in kitchen cabinet design here is as wide as LA. The designs are varied, with everything from rustic farmhouse style to sleek modern lines. Imagine walking into an interior design showroom and seeing cabinets which make you say, “Wow! This is me!” It’s our goal.

You’re probably like most people in that budget is an important factor when making decisions. What’s good? There are many options! LA has you covered, whether you are looking for high-end custom cabinets or stylish but affordable options. Remember that friend you have who always gets the best deal? When you shop, channel that energy.

Here are some shopping hotspots. Melrose Avenue has been around for a while. This isn’t just for fashionistas. Home decor enthusiasts will also find it a great resource. If you visit one of the chic shops, you’ll be greeted by cabinets that scream elegance and sophistication.

Hey, you may not be a physical store shopper. We totally get that! The future of shopping is online. Houzz or Wayfair, for example, offer a wealth of possibilities at your fingertips. It’s also possible to read real reviews from people who have already done the job.

Now let’s move on to the functionality of things. After all, what is beauty without brains. Imagine how you use the kitchen on a daily basis. Are you an aspiring cook with lots of gadgets? Perhaps you are a minimalist and love clean countertops. You should choose your cabinets based on how you live.

Pull-out shelves, for example, can make a huge difference if your tired of searching through deep drawers looking for the elusive spatula. Soft-close doors are another essential. They protect your fingers and add an air of luxury when you close the door.

Do not forget materials either! The timeless appeal of wood and its durability make it a favorite. The classic oak is a great choice, but maple has a smoother surface. If you’re interested in sustainability (and you should be), then bamboo may appeal to your eco-conscious side.

Color palettes should also be given their due. White has always been a popular choice because it can make a space look larger and brighter. You can also go bold with colors such as navy blue and forest green.

Mixed materials are a huge trend. Imagine upper cabinets that are crisp white, paired with lowers in rich walnut shades–it would be like having two styles harmoniously blending together!

Now onto installation–arguably one of the trickiest parts but oh-so-rewarding once done right! Hire professionals or DIY if your handy skills are up to the task.

Measure twice before purchasing anything! There’s nothing worse than falling in love with those perfect cabinets to discover they don’t work!

Now that’s what we call a “whirlwind” tour to finding the best cabinets here in Los Angeles. The best way to transform your cooking area is by making smart choices.

Have a great time hunting and may you find joy in your new cabinets every day.