Get LOST At Your Wedding!

Parties and events themed around the television show LOST have been very popular over the last six years for many types of viewing parties, marathons and, most popularly, for the series finale. The show is sadly now over, but that doesn’t mean the parties need to stop. You could theme birthday parties, reunions, and just general gatherings with LOST as inspiration. And for the biggest fans, why not let this pop culture icon influence the biggest day of your life – your wedding?

The LOST theme can be subtle, or you can go absolutely crazy with it. You decide the level of LOST intensity. For the sake of this blog, I’m going to give you as many as ideas as possible. If you are already planning a beach wedding, then you can easily it into a LOST wedding with just a few props and additions. If your wedding cannot take place on a beach, you can easily turn any location into a LOST haven with the right kind of decor, props, music and food. Hopefully some of these ideas can help you do that.


To introduce your wedding theme right away, you may want to theme your invitations. One great idea is to make your invitations be Oceanic Boarding Passes with all the wedding details included creatively. You can probably find some templates for this online.

As you begin the planning, you will want to pick a color scheme. You can go with your typical beach and ocean colors such as various tans, blues and greens. Or you can play off the Man in Black vs. Jacob story and do your colors in black and white. This will already tie in if your groom will wear a traditional black tux and the bride a white dress. (Are those color assignments fitting or what? … I kid, I kid.) You could really go the extra mile and commit to the theme fully by putting the wedding party in torn up dirty clothes or Dharma jumpsuits, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Remember, the wedding pictures last forever and you may want SOME that aren’t so “LOST-y”.

To tie in your theme with more than just colors, you will want to use set pieces and props for your decor. If your wedding is not already on a beach, then fake palm trees are an obvious prop choice. To transform your beach into a LOST set, you’ll also want plenty of plane debris decor. Open suitcases with clothing strewn about and scrap metal sticking up out of the sand. Other simple decorations would be the same as any beach wedding, things like seashells and nets.

A little something extra: Place a clear bottle on a table with some scrap sheets of paper next to it. Guests can write notes of congratulations and well wishes and roll them up to put into the bottle. Better yet, have a wooden raft-type structure in place of a table because that really ties into the glass-bottle LOST reference.


Music on the show isn’t that recognizable except to the biggest fans, so you can have a lot of freedom with your choices. You may not even want to theme the music at all. If, instead, you’d like to just have the music accent the tropical atmosphere, you could just hire someone to play beach music. Perhaps some reggae music, a calypso band or a steel drum player. If that kind of music isn’t your cup of tea and you do want LOST to be a part of the music choice, just hire a DJ and see if he can put songs in the mix that have actually been featured on the show.

You can see a full list here. Some of the must-have songs would be “Make Your Own Kind of Music” by Mama Cass, “Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys and “Catch a Falling Star” by Perry Como, among quite a few others.

A little something extra: Now this is a stretch, but if you could pull it off, it would make the reception a sure hit. Scour your local and surrounding area for rock bands that could pose as Charlie’s band Driveshaft. You can purchase Driveshaft t-shirts online and reference certain LOST episodes that feature the whole group to see if the hired band could mimic the looks and actions. And of course, they would need to learn to play the Driveshaft hit “You All Everybody”.

These are just some of the many ideas out there for a LOST themed wedding. You can scour the web to find more, I’m sure. The amount of these suggestions you use is completely up to you. You can LOST theme it up and still have a nice, elegant wedding. Good luck, “brotha”.

Heather Roonan works for Gig Salad – a one-stop shop for booking services or entertainment for any event you may be planning, including wedding ceremonies and receptions.